Are your Dentures Made in Australia?

It is becoming common practice for Dentists and Dental Surgeries to outsource their patients Dentures. Poorly made dentures, from sub quality materials are starting to flood the market.

“We have had many clients come in for repairs with poorly made dentures, the craftsmanship just doesn’t compare.” said Dr Lupton, Partner, Limestone Dental

“Many have been unhappy with their dentures from the start, and find them uncomfortable, but your new teeth should fit better than your old teeth.

“Our Dentures, Crowns and repairs are all done in our Laboratory on site, at Limestone Dental we know the importance of having high quality components and would never compromise it by sending them overseas”

“By having the Laboratory on site we have the benefit of offering repairs and relines on the same day, sometimes within the hour.

“There is really nothing worse than having to wait days for your smile to be returned”

Limestone Dental is the only Dentist in Ipswich that employs their own technicians on site. Offering fast and efficient service all products are Ipswich ‘made and warranted

Limestone Dental have been making dentures to keep the people of Ipswich Smiling for over 8 years.

At Limestone Dental only the best materials, equipment and teeth are used by our technicians and in the laboratory. Phone to make an appointment and the team would be happy to show you around the lab.

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