Did you know it’s important to regularly get a new mouthguard?

Ipswich Mouthguard

As we get older our teeth move and it can affect the fit of a mouthguard, growing children and teenagers may need a new mouthguard each year.

So take five minutes and check the fit of your current mouthguard, if it doesn’t fit give the team at Limestone Dental a call and we will make an appointment to get your ready for your upcoming sporting season.

Limestone Dental have a laboratory on site so we can make custom mouthguards for only $85, we don’t send ours away to get them fitted. Even better if you are in a health fund, more than likely your health fund will cover the cost and there will be no out of pocket expenses.

At Limestone Dental we have been making mouthguards to protect Ipswich’s smiles for over 20 years and our onsite dental lab allows us to ensure a quality product every time. We can even have a mouthguard made within 24 hours for those urgent cases.

If you or a member of your family is playing a contact sport this year, please contact us and have a mouthguard fabricated.

Let’s make sure we prevent broken teeth this season and book in for a mouthguard today.