Limestone Dental’s practice, has been architecturally designed with their patient’s comfort in mind.  From the moment you arrive and to when you leave Limestone Dental has created an atmosphere to ease the anxiety people have when going to the dentist.



As you are aware coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an enormous impact on all industries including Limestone Dental Group.

The Government Chief Medical Officer has recommended to the Australian Government that all dental practices implement level 3 restrictions as outlined in the Australian Dental Association guidelines. That is, dentists cannot perform dental treatments that generate aerosols; this includes use of dental drills, air-water sprays and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. All routine examinations and dental treatments including fillings are to be deferred.

The Government Chief Medical officer has also stated that the national supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) remains of great concern with continued depletion of the National Medical Stockpile. At this time, it is inappropriate to continue to do elective surgery. AHPPC therefore recommends cancellation of all non-urgent elective procedures in both the public and private sector.

Accordingly, Limestone Dental will be closed except by prior arrangement with patients. During this time, we will be keeping our phone lines open to assist all our patients with advice and be able to decide on the best and safest course of action to care for your concerns.

We are sorry about any inconvenience, but it is important we all follow Government Medical Officer advice to stop the spread of COVID-19, during this complex time.

As always, the health and safety of our patients and staff are paramount to us, please call us on 3281 1466 or email us on and we will assist in managing your dental needs during these troubling times.

Please be patient, we are doing our best to navigate this changing environment while ensuring safety to our patients and our team.

Please help stop the spread of this COVID-19 pandemic and ensure all are practicing social distancing and all other measures recommended by the Government Chief Medical Officer. We wish all of our patients and the wider community our very best wishes, stay safe.


Please call for emergency assistance

Monday – Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

 (07) 3281 1466
 44 Limestone Street, Ipswich QLD 4305

Extended Hours, we understand fitting in appointments around work can be a struggle for some people, that’s why as a proud Ipswich Dentist, we offer extended opening hours.

Located in the Heart of Ipswich, located opposite Coles, there is plenty of parking and transport nearby.

Ease of parking, behind the practice you can find plenty of parking out the back of the surgery.

Gardens to sooth, thanks to Grant one of our most treasured features are our gardens which makes our Dental Practice unique in Ipswich. Each of our surgeries have a private courtyard, that our patients will face. If you look hard enough you will see cute ornaments and plants that have been given to us by our lovely patients.

All this might be music to your ears, but wait until you hear the state of the art smart music system enabling the team to play the songs of your choice to help you relax and listen to your favourite tunes.