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Brushing… Keeping your teeth clean and healthy

Brushing... Keeping your teeth clean and healthy If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to how you brush your teeth, beyond squirting on some toothpaste and scrubbing back and forth. But as your dentist will tell you, how you brush your teeth matters a great deal. How often you brush, how long you brush, the kind [...]

What you need to know about your dentures

What you need to know about your Dentures After significant tooth loss, it may feel like you’ll never have a smile again. Dentures can be a great option, but even they don't last forever. If you have Private health insurance, you're probably looking for a dentist that can give you the dentures or denture repairs you need to [...]

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Custom Mouthguard

Did you know it’s important to regularly get a new mouthguard? As we get older our teeth move and it can affect the fit of a mouthguard, growing children and teenagers may need a new mouthguard each year. So take five minutes and check the fit of your current mouthguard, if it doesn’t fit give the team at [...]