Our dental practice provides emergency dental treatments; you do not have to be an existing patient to contact us. We make provisions for emergency situations, we know that delays in treatment may increase your discomfort and make it complex.

We know that a dental emergency can strike at any time. Limestone Dental are well equipped and ready to help in an emergency.


Is a sign of an underlying problem with a tooth or multiple teeth, get it treated as soon as possible.

Broken Tooth

This needs to be treated as soon as possible, the right treatment can save your teeth and relieve your toothache and discomfort.

Knocked out Tooth

A baby tooth should never be reimplanted. Adult teeth that are reimplanted promptly have a very good prognosis of reattachment to the jaw with no long term effects. Don’t store a knocked out tooth in water or milk, the best place is in the person’s mouth or wrapped in glad wrap with patients saliva and blood still around it to keep it moist. Seek urgent dental care for a knocked out tooth.

For all your emergency dental needs in Ipswich, call Limestone Dental Group on 07 3281 1466 straight away.