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Limestone Dental is a proud member of the Ipswich Community and actively gets involved with sponsorships and donations. Here are some of the key events we frequently support and sponsor.

Get Sugar Savvy – Know those hidden Sugars

We usually think of sugar as the white granules we spoon into coffee and tea or add to baking recipes. But sugar comes in many forms and they can all contribute to tooth decay.
Sugar can be called over 50 different names, making it hard to detect on food and drink labels. These are known as hidden sugars.

Common names for sugar
– Agave nectar
– Brown sugar
– Cane juice
– Cane sugar
– Castor sugar
– Coconut sugar
– Caramel
– Corn syrup
– Date sugar
– Dextrose
– Fructose
– Fruit juice
– Fruit juice concentrate
– Glucose
– Golden syrup
– High fructose corn syrup
– Honey
– Icing sugar
– Malt syrup
– Maltodextrin
– Maltose
– Maple syrup
– Molasses
– Palm sugar
– Raw sugar
– Rice Malt
– Saccharose
– Sucrose
– Syrup
– Treacle

Look out for these names on the ingredient list of nutrition information panels when shopping. Even foods and drinks which claim to have no added or refined sugars, can contain a lot of sugar. The closer the ingredient is to the top of the ingredient list, the more of it present in the food or drink.

Source: Australian Dental Association

Third Annual St Paul’s Proms, Ipswich

Limestone Dental Group and West Moreton Anglican College in association with St. Paul’s Anglican Church proudly present the third annual “St. Paul’s Proms”.

In keeping with Proms tradition, the evening promises a mixture of light and classical, sacred and secular music, featuring the historic St. Paul’s Pipe Organ, West Moreton Anglican College Chorale, along with the Proms Orchestra and Choir. There will be a strong Australian Heritage feel this year (the 160th year since the building of St. Paul’s) featuring some well- known pieces along with some newer ones which reflect the diversity of the land and the people who live here, under the direction of Musical Director, Mr. Neil Flottmann.


Demsey Mckean ‘The Tower of Terror’

Limestone Dental are strong believers in dental prevention and caring for your smile. That is why, without hesitation, we support Ipswich boy, and heavyweight boxer Demsey Mckean ‘The Tower of Terror’ make sure you follow his journey on facebook.

Demsey wears a custom-fitted, black and gold, high impact mouthguard when he boxes. Specially designed to ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t affect his breathing, this gives him optimal results during his fighting and training.

If you are serious about your sport, contact us today for your custom mouthguard.

West Moreton Anglican College

Limestone Dental are strong supporters of West Moreton Anglican College, their involvement with the school covers, sponsoring their performing arts programs, presentation night and their annual West MAC Founders Day Dinner Dance. Dr Lupton is also an active member of the community and is chairman of the West MAC College Council.

Ipswich Art Awards

Each year Limestone Dental is proud to support the Ipswich Art Awards which is held in conjunction with the Ipswich Festival and many of the paintings hung in our dental surgery have been our acquisitions from the Ipswich art awards.

St Paul’s Anglican Church Ipswich pipe organ restoration

St Paul’s Anglican Church Ipswich, is Queensland’s oldest Anglican church building and contains the oldest pipe organ in Queensland. It was shipped over from England in 1860 and was the first pipe organ ever installed in the State.  The restoration of the pipe organ at St Paul’s Anglican Church commenced in 2014 and in 2016 we celebrated the completion of the pipe organ restoration.

Some articles about the Restoration project can be read here.

TedX and Fire station 101

The very first TEDx in Ipswich took place in 2016 and Limestone Dental was there to support it. The theme for the inaugural TEDxIpswich 2016 was “Anything is Possible”. This theme was chosen to acknowledge the incredible achievements that Ipswich has reached in terms of its transformation over recent times and reflects the emergence of Ipswich as a city leading with innovation and inspiration. In addition the theme ‘Anything is Possible’ arouses feelings of positivity, activity and creativity. We believe this theme leverages Ipswich’s growing economy, uptake of innovation and technology, and ever increasing youthful demographic.


Limestone Dental are proud sponsors of the ALARA Jets football jerseys. In April (2016) the ALARA Jets played the Burleigh Bears at half time during the Titans home game against the Broncos.

Kindergarten Visits

The partners attend Ipswich kindergartens every year to educate children on teeth health. Limestone Dental have been doing this since the 1970’s, originally Dr Versace and Dr Rawlings would do these visits.