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Established in 1954, Limestone Dental has an outstanding reputation in the quality of work, and high level of patient care. We have patients who have been with us for nearly 50 years.

Limestone Dental Group has been caring for Ipswich smiles and providing quality dental care to the Ipswich community for over 60 years. Established in 1954 by Dr Keith Heiner, the practice was originally located in Brisbane Street, he was joined shortly aftwerwards by Dr Kevin Versace. In the 1970’s, Dr Bill Rawlings joined and the practice moved to Limestone Street where the practice is still located today. Drs Heiner, Versace and Rawlings have all retired and the current directors are Dr Julia Tran, Dr Nguyen Pham , Dr Katharine Beety and Dr Peter Tsai.

Limestone Dental is proud have some of Ipswich’s best dentists working in our practice. We have associate dentists male and female working for us to enable the practice to cater for individual patient needs and offer extended hours of opening.

There are currently 10 dentists and 25 dental nurses as well as receptionists, lab technicians, and cleaners.

January 1954


Limestone Dental Group was established by Dr Keith Heiner

February 1958


Dr Versace joined the practice

January 1971


The practice moved from the Brisbane Street surgery to 44 Limestone Street

January 1972


Dr Bill Rawlings joined the Dental Practice

January 1974


Limestone Dental Group flooded during the 1974 floods

January 1988


Dr Ian Lupton moved to Ipswich and became a partner of Limestone Dental

January 1990


Dr Christopher Raymont joined Limestone Dental

January 1998


Limestone Dental purchased the Ipswich Professional Centre

January 2001


Dr Julia Tran joined Limestone Dental

January 2005


Purchased the Ipswich Dental Laboratory building (48 Limestone Street)

January 2011


Limestone Dental Flooded during the 2011 floods

March 2012


Ann Abraham retired from Practice Manager. She was a staff member at Limestone Dental for over 40 years, starting as a young school girl in the Brisbane Street Surgery.